1. Packaging Films
    1. Stretch Film
    2. Cling Food Film
    3. Cast Polypropylene
    4. Blown Films
    5. Bottom Seal & Side Seal Bags
    6. Security Pouches
    7. Bread and other Wicket Bags
    8. Barrier Film
  2. Paper Mill
  3. Paper Cores
  4. Adhesive Tapes
  5. Recycling



Technovaa started their operation as a part of Darvesh's industrial arm to provide quality driven, cost effective, tailor made packaging solutions.

Primarily started as a tapes and cores producer, Technovaa later established a niche for itself as a key manufacturer of technical packaging films, utilizing the blown and cast extrusion processes.

Technovaa produces a variety of technical films for various applications, making us one of the largest plastic film producers globally. An innovator in providing tailor made solutions, and have recently expanded into other verticals to cater for the growing demands of the packaging growth worldwide.



The Da'Realty brand is our development side of the business. We deal in luxury, state of the art development globally. It's all about living luxury. Watch this video to get an understanding.



We wanted to document the art of making plastic. In this video we take a tour of our South African factory and explain the process from polymer breakdown through to printing and packaging.


Our vision is for our product wastage to not be seen as waste but as a valuable resource for future use.
All our products are recycled and we are continually exploring new ways to optimise the amount of material and energy we use.